Shantui SD08-3

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  • Rated Power: 63KW @ 2350RPM
  • Engine Model: Weichai WP4G90E235
  • Operating Weight: 7.65 tons

With a high power, high efficiency, turbocharged engine featuring a large torque reserve coefficient, a single PPC level controlling all shifting and steering, the 80 HP SD08-3 makes short work of smaller volume jobs. Its extended track ensures low ground pressure, high reliability and low traction while the comfortable wide visibility hexahedron cab and integrated dashboard design help keep operator productivity at peak levels. Equipped with a straight tilt blade for excavating, transporting and backfilling in earth moving projects on roads, farms, rivers, urban areas and power plant projects.

Length x Width x Height (Ripper not included) 3973 x 2553 x 2785 (mm)
Operating Weight (Ripper not included) 7.65T
Drop Below Ground of Blade 383 mm
Lift Height of Blade 850 mm
Ripping Depth of Ripper 467 mm
Blade Width 2553x890 mm
Number of Carriers (each side) 1
Number of Track Rollers (each side) 6
Number of Track Shoes (each side) 41
Width of Track Shoe 460 mm
Track Gauge 1450 mm
Ground Length 2185 mm
Ground Pressure 0.038 MPa
Engine Weichai WP4G90E235
Engine Power 63kw @ 2350 rpm
Gradeability 30°
Blade Type Straight Tilt Blade
Dozing Capacity 2.02 Cub M
Forward Speed 1 0 – 2.53 km/h
Forward Speed 2 0 – 4.55 km/h
Forward Speed 3 0 – 7.57 km/h
Reverse Speed 1 0 – 2.76 km/h
Reverse Speed 2 0 – 4.95 km/h
 Reverse Speed 3  0 – 8.26 km/h